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$ 325.00

Cold air diffusion scent delivery system. New technology that scents space without using heat or fans. Suitable for commercial or residential use. 

  • Retail
  • Gallery
  • Office
  • Salon/Spa
  • Loft

- Scent coverage: 1,000+ sq. ft

- Includes 2oz of aroma oil 

- To inquire about creating a custom fragrance for your brand please email HELLO@DETROITWICK.COM 



SAND // sandalwood, vetiver, spice

WOOD // wood, sage, sea salt

MOON ROCK // eucalyptus, hydrogen, space moss.

BLOOD // black currant, thorn, amber

TONKA // aztec tobacco, vanilla, cocoa

NOIR // midnight fig, lily, gum resin

CASHMERE // lavender, cashmere, yuzu

EARTH // red pepper, olibanum, musk

MONEY // rag paper, ink, blue ribbon

OUD // aromatic, wild agar, musk


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